Liquified Gas

Liquified Gas is one of the most safest, portable, clean and accessible energy source present in the world which is readily available to a wide variety of clients around the world and used in thousands of applications. This is a gaseous substance that is present at ambient temperature and pressure which is liquefied by pressurisation or refrigeration and sometimes a combination of the both. Virtually all liquefied gases are hydrocarbons and flammable by nature. Liquefaction compresses the LPG into volumes suited to international carriage. As it is versatile in nature, so it can easily be stored in liquid form in small, medium or large containers. We at Alaman Gas Distribution offer unimaginable fuel backed up solutions to approaching customers from past so many years.

The main business of our firm itself is exchanging and distribution of LPG gas in the UAE. We can proudly state that from many years gas has been our prime business, and we have been fruitful in keeping pace with quick development of the emirate. LPG supply is the most favoured solution for businesses, manufacturing plants, hotels, residential buildings and is getting progressively mainstream in the UAE. Alaman Gas Distribution holds all required approvals from related government authorities such as Civil defence, Economic Department etc. Our LPG gas tanker drivers and operators are very much prepared individuals who hold the Dubai civil defence training certificates for working and dealing with combustible gases. We esteem the significance of wellbeing in our tasks and ceaselessly put resources into preparing our team and creating awareness among our clients.

LPG Bulk Supplies

As it is crystal clear, that continuous supply of LPG is the need of any Industrial Customer. Alaman Gas Distribution guarantees that its best service, proactive stock and approach give peace of mind to our customers. Our Bulk LPG supply in tankers is delivered at Customers establishments on schedule, each time by our gracious, expert and very much prepared tanker team.

We desire to achieve the biggest share of the whole market of LPG and to provide a better service for our loyal customers, with excellent service quality of products. We are truly passionate about energy and our customers. We provide an extensive service for commercial and industrial bulk Gas requirements. Continually strive to offer better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your energy requirements. LPG is the perfect energy source for the current world. The advantages of using LPG include cost savings and carbon reductions. We believe that the environmental impact of using LPG services is far kinder to our carbon footprint.

Our substantial gas stockpiling and production chain foundation delivers supply-security that is unrivalled in the business this offers real reassurance and reliability to every one of our clients. Alaman Gas Distribution is one of the biggest LPG Storage offices which have a capacity of running huge number of gas in a limited span of time. Our highly experienced in- house team provides the best technical design capabilities, free guidance and full project management of your particular LPG supply installation. We stock and supply a wide variety of tank sizes permitting us the flexibility to specify single or multiple tank combinations that will suit any application.

LPG Cylinder Supplies

We can clearly state, that Optimal design and best engineering practices are key imperatives of an exceptional LPG Installation. While executing LPG installation, Alaman Gas Distribution adheres to the highest standards of quality and security and conforms to statutory guidelines. We are armed with technical expertise, experience and professionalism, Alaman Gas Distribution aims to offer customized LPG storage solutions including a particular type of design, installation and commissioning to suit your line of production. Our immaculate planning, timely procurement and best execution make it a purely safe and model LPG installation.

Introducing your LPG system is quite easy, hassle-free and just a call away. You can totally depend on us for a protected, quality installation and consistent commissioning. Apart from equipping our frameworks with extra wellbeing highlights, we will train you on safe practices and operations to avoid untoward incidents happening nowadays. Whenever selected, we likewise give constant upkeep of your LPG system as a paid support of help you through then whole procedure. Post-establishment, you can be totally guaranteed of continuous LPG supply, on time without fail. Our specialists will always be on-hand to support you when you require assistance. They will perfectly ensure gas tanks and associated equipment is maintained and service levels remain quite high for your peace of mind.

LPG Bottling

LPG Bottling plants are spreading their grounds over different locations and built with a state of innovative technology are equipped to fill up 25lbs, 50lbs and 100lbs cylinders functioning at upmost safety levels meeting all the universal standards and adhering to the local regulator’s requirements. We have installed LPG Bottling & Blending plants at strategic locations. These LPG Bottling & Blending plants are presently used for major Oil PSUs to cater to the rising demand of liquefied petroleum gas with reduced transportation, the direct & indirect savings accumulate.

Our wide variety of LPG Bottling services is duly licensed and this is the prominent reason why all our plants are well secured for all type of safety measures. The well- mixed mixture of LPG is received from the nearby Bulk LPG sources Import Terminal it is then unloaded safely in huge storage tanks through proper types of leak-proof pipelines. Later LP Gas is filled in with a wide range of Cylinders. To prevent any mishaps of any kind of dangerous explosion, before & after quality checks are done by our expert team which is the most prominent criteria in this whole process. Proper check is given for Blow cavity of the valve outlet with air in case any water is noticed. Later security cap is fixed on the valve outlet to protect it from the explosion.


The main pipe that carries the LPG from the bulk storage tank to the building is called the service pipework. This is most likely to be owned by whoever has the authority of the premises using the LPG. It requires proper installation with the best guidance to avail the facility of LPG service in our home. It is clearly not owned by the LPG supplier of the company, even though it may have been installed by them. Logically, LPG service should be run above the level of ground using a system that minimises the possibility of physical damage, for example from vehicles, and away from excessive sudden temperature. Where the damage can be foreseen, protective barriers, bollards etc should be treated with proper care. If it is not possible to run the pipework above ground, then it can be buried underground and, in such type of cases, it is quite important to know its way and to mark it so that others are fully aware of it.

LPG is a low carbon fuel with thousands of industrial and business applications. Viewed as an uncommon vitality source, it is cleaner than some other non-renewable energy source, high vitality effective and safe to utilize. With enormous advantages and a wide extent ofutilization over a huge number of enterprises, Alaman Gas Distribution is one of the most favoured energy sources today.  We are exceptionally energy-efficient and safe to utilize. Save big on both fuel costs just as upkeep expenses of burners, stoves and heaters. Your final item will also be of greater uniformity and quality. With our worldwide specialized aptitude and local experience in converting other fuels to LPG, we have conveyed and advanced to turn into a main LPG specialist co-op offering all-out arrangement bundles, installation and maintenance, direction on wellbeing the executives and brief conveyance of LPG on schedule, without fail.


Throughout all these coming years in the trending business, we’ve got an extensive type of experience when it comes to the construction of 2 in. to 60 in. pipelines. Our expert team includes mainline cross country construction utilizing mechanized or manual welding ways in a wide variety of geographic terrains. Our current capabilities include two mainline spreads of modern pipeline construction equipment. Alaman Gas Distribution can also provide best construction solutions, handling above and underground piping in and around oilsands related mines, SAGD and upgrader facilities.

It is very important that pipework service is regularly inspected and maintained whether it is above or below the ground. It is the true responsibility of the owner of the pipework to ensure it is regularly inspected and maintained properly. Even though it has been properly installed by our team but still we make sure that we keep proper check on it. Our expert team review the state of the pipework and establish the length of time for which it can be used safely before its next time of inspection, taking into account the time since it was our last checked and any action taken at that time. For buried pipework, the only effective inspection method currently available is to excavate the pipe for proper type of examination, particularly if it is metallic. We take proper care when excavating pipe to prevent damage to the pipe or its corrosion protection. For metallic buried pipework that will slowly corrode, a specialised professional in corrosion of metal pipework would be required to assess its state on excavation.

Central Gas

A central gas system is a technique for the dissemination of LPG fuel from a focal stockpiling tank to one or more points of use. The selection of segments in the system will be controlled by the lots of requirements and nature of the installation. We use carbon steel piping to distribute the LPG from the storage yard to different types of delivery locations. Our team of well-versed engineers is experienced in the design and installations of the central gas system and can help you offer an optimum design and solution to match the requirements of the customers, with respect to the civil defense specifications and international standards. We usually undertake turnkey projects to offer the best service in the central gas system to all our customers. Our experts undergo periodic safety training and have a qualified type of welders with Xray welding certificates.

Gas distribution is provided by pipeline from the main or central point up to the final application place. Gas goes from the main source through a high-pressure manifold with a pressure regulator where the inlet pressure from the mainstream of bulk is reduced to the level acceptable for the wide variety of pipes and other basic components of the gas distribution system. At the end of the pipeline outlet structure would be fitted to set gas parameters e.g. pressure and flow-rate according to the request. When Central gas systems are installed in industrial plants, working efficiency, economic savings and also security aspects will grow in relation to increased gas consumption.

Industrial Gas

Industrial gases fill numerous regular needs in our ordinary world. They normally separate into three discernable categories and are shipped either in cylinders, as a mass liquid, or through a pipeline. Normal mechanical gases enable us to warm our homes, float a balloon, and have a dental technique without tension. The basic air we breathe is a mixture of various types of gases, each with its own unique types of properties that are invaluable for industrial processes and medical usages. The most important gases category includes nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene although a huge variety of gases and mixtures are available in such a field. A wide range of gases can be shipped to users in a number of different ways, for example in cylinders under very high pressure or in special vessels that are designed to hold cryogenically liquefied gases at the extremely low type of temperature. The volume of gas purity levels and transportation intervals will highly depend on the utilization.

Alaman Gas Distribution has been providing Industrial Gas solutions from Last February. With our continuous growth in the Industrial Gas Plant sector, we equipped to provide Industrial, Medical, Specialty, Calibration and Ultra High Purity Gases. We don’t like to waste money, not time and definitely not energy. That’s the reason why everything we do is concentrated on helping our customers to live comfortably with all types of facilities. We provide a full range of atmospheric, process, industrial and specialty gases, and we tailor supply systems to get them to you safely and efficiently. We aim to develop and continue to advance industrial applications and products that will help you enhance productivity while reducing emissions. And we offer a full range of industrial services to assist you in every step of your way.



Distribution Of Gas Cylinders : Starting from 31 March 2020.