Liquified Gas

Liquified Gas

Liquified Gas is one of the most safest, portable, clean and accessible energy source present in the world which is readily available to a wide variety of clients around the world and used in thousands of applications. This is a gaseous substance that is present at ambient temperature and pressure which is liquefied by pressurisation or refrigeration and sometimes a combination of the both. Virtually all liquefied gases are hydrocarbons and flammable by nature. Liquefaction compresses the LPG into volumes suited to international carriage. As it is versatile in nature, so it can easily be stored in liquid form in small, medium or large containers. We at Alaman Gas Distribution offer unimaginable fuel backed up solutions to approaching customers from past so many years. 

The main business of our firm itself is exchanging and distribution of LPG gas in the UAE. We can proudly state that from many years gas has been our prime business, and we have been fruitful in keeping pace with quick development of the emirate. LPG supply is the most favoured solution for businesses, manufacturing plants, hotels, residential buildings and is getting progressively mainstream in the UAE.

Alaman Gas Distribution holds all required approvals from related government authorities such as Civil defence, Economic Department etc. Our LPG gas tanker drivers and operators are very much prepared individuals who hold the Dubai civil defence training certificates for working and dealing with combustible gases. We esteem the significance of wellbeing in our tasks and ceaselessly put resources into preparing our team and creating awareness among our clients.


Distribution Of Gas Cylinders : Starting from 31 March 2020.