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ALAMAN is establishing their roots as  a best Gas Distribution Company in UAE. We are known for serving the community with our unbeatable core strengths of Quantity, Safety and Supply reliability. We are incredibly privileged to welcome you to our company. Since the foundation, we aim to become one of the biggest consistent and secure supply of energy as well as generate growth and revenues for our government.

We believe the right gas distributor can assist you with accomplishing more than run an application. It can guarantee more uptime, lower long haul costs, raise the level profitability and increment operational adaptability. So you can accomplish more with less. That is the reason it’s significant for us to comprehend your business objectives before we suggest a gas supply, so we can help you get the most out of your supply.

Services We Provide

Liquified Gas

Liquified Gas is one of the most safest, portable, clean and accessible energy source present in the world which is readily available to a wide variety..

LPG Bulk Supplies

As it is crystal clear, that continuous supply of LPG is “the need” of any Industrial Customer. Alaman Gas Distribution guarantees that its best..

LPG Cylinder Supplies

We can clearly state, that Optimal design and best engineering practices are key imperatives of an exceptional LPG Installation.

LPG Bottling

LPG Bottling plants are spreading their grounds over different locations and built with a state of innovative technology are equipped to fill..

Piping Installation

Throughout all these coming years in the trending business, we’ve got an extensive type of experience when it comes to the construction of 2..

Central Gas

A central gas system is a technique for dissemination of LPG fuel from a focal stockpiling tank to one or more points of use..

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Distribution Of Gas Cylinders : Starting from 31 March 2020.